Choose the right metal for your wedding ring

Men can choose pretty much any metal they want for their wedding band, whereas the lady’s engagement ring usually sets a precedent for what metal their wedding band needs to be.

What metal options are there then?

You could have your wedding ring made from:

  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • 18ct white, yellow or rose gold
  • 14ct white, yellow or rose gold
  • 9ct white, yellow or rose gold
  • Titanium
  • Silver
  • Various other non-precious metals such as tungsten and steel…

What do I choose if I want the ring to last?

Platinum is the most dense of the precious metals and will therefore wear the best over the lifetime of your ring.

Palladium isn’t quite as dense but does wear really well and so retains it’s white colour.

With the gold alloys – the higher the carat, the higher the density so go for 18ct over 14ct and 14ct is better than 9ct.

The non precious metals such as titanium, tungsten and steel are very hard wearing and durable but do have other drawbacks such as being hard to resize should this ever be necessary.

What is the next step in choosing your rings?

This is just a little snippet into all your options and understanding the properties of metals and what they cost.  Once you have chosen the metal you would like we can talk about the finish of your ring and if you would like any stones added to the band.

You really need to see samples of all your options so you can feel and see the differences for yourself; we have a great range in our shop and would love to see you to discuss all the choices available.  We have lots more wedding ring advice on our website. Click here to browse our wedding ring portfolio.