What golden memories do you have?

Val had accumulated quite a bit of jewellery over the years; pieces that have been gifted to her or things had had been passed down through the family - her Mum’s wedding and engagement rings and anniversary gifts from her husband. 

A lot of it had sentimental value, but she realised that she barely wore any of it. Some of the rings didn’t fit, there were broken chains, odd earrings and to be honest some pieces simply just weren’t her cup of tea anymore!

It was a shame to leave it all lying in her jewellery box and after a chat and some gentle encouragement from Mitch, the owner of Petra Jewellery, she booked a design appointment and brought in her jewellery boxes in with her. After trying on designs in the shop and confirming the details with sketches from Mitch, Val couldn’t wait then to see her finished pieces.

Val Quote Imagecircular.png

"I’m over-the-moon with what Mitch & her wonderful team have made for me, this is now something I’d be delighted to pass down through the family!"

- Val Stansfield

Our goldsmith Nick is a wizard at making magic happen with old gold and after hallmarking, setting and polishing, a few weeks later Val was called back in to collect her new creations. Val now has a sparkly new solid gold bangle, ring and couple of pendants that are all made from her old gold with her stones set into them too.

Jewellery Collage1.png

I loved working with Val, she really embraced the concept of melting down her old gold and making something new out of it. Her taste has definitely changed over the years and she got really excited about amalgamating special bits of jewellery into a new collection that she would wear and enjoy.

She has ended up with a collection worth a few thousand pounds, clearly with huge sentimental value, but only costing her a few hundred pounds. Made to last more than a lifetime, her children and grandchildren will inherit these gold memories one day too.
— Mitch Lloyd (Owner, Petra Jewellery)