Thinking of popping the question?

You don’t have to be Mr Traditional.

If you know you want to buy an engagement ring and surprise your loved one with it, then you can either buy a ring from our in store collection or book a design consultation and have one made for you.

We talk you through the Design Process and offer you the opportunity to hand pick your own diamond with a nice glass of bubbly.

It can be risky picking the perfect ring design without their input, which is why we have three great alternative proposal options for you.


1. Will You Marry Me? COLLECTION

Still have a romantic, surprise proposal except instead of risking it with a ring that may or may not be “the one” you can fill the gap with a ‘stand in’ gift, from only £39.

You can pick a silver ring, bangle or pendant and have a personal propsosal message engraved onto it, like Ros. He proposed with a diamond silver ring with an engraved message “Will You Marry Me Vivvy?”.

To no surprise she said yes, which was lovely especially as he had another diamond ring already made with “Vivvy said Yes!” engraved onto it. The couple came in later to design the perfect ring together.


How about choosing a stunning diamond to propose with?

This is something you can really get involved with as we’ll talk you through all the diamond grading criteria that you need to know to be able to pick the right stone. You’ll be able to compare stones and see what suits your budget without compromising on quality.

Find out more on how to choose your diamond and download our Diamond Guide.

Once you’ve popped the big question (either with a ‘stand in’ gift or with a diamond) you’ll be able to present your loved one an invitation to an exclusive Champagne Design Experience.


Why not add an element of surprise and romance with an invitation to your very own Champagne Design Experience?  You come into our shop to design the perfect engagement ring together and enjoy a glass of bubbly at the same time.

If you’d like to speak to an expert or book a design consultation.

Call us, 01256 355 945 or email,