Choosing the right ring profile for you...

It’s all about the detail

When designing a ring, sometimes it’s the tiniest details that make the biggest difference. In fact, something as simple as changing the profile can drastically change the look of your ring, even if all the other factors – such as width, height and stone – remain the same. With so many different ring profiles to choose from, we understand that it can be a bit daunting – so why not read on and find out a little bit more about our own favourite profiles…

The Petra Profile

We love this one so much we’ve even put our name to it! This is a great choice of profile for a classic yet contemporary look, with the low ‘D’ outside profile making it perfect for setting stones. The inside profile is a ‘court’ profile, meaning it has a slight curve to it and doesn’t sit flat against your finger. Taking the metal off your finger in this way not only feels a lot nicer (especially with wider rings on a hot sunny day!) but it also enables us to set larger stones into the band because it has more depth to it. For this profile, we’d recommend a height of 1.8mm for a decent weight ring.

The Flat Court Profile

This style of profile is perfect for those who want a more modern and contemporary feel. The ‘flat’ outside profile gives your ring a fresh and sophisticated flair, while the ‘court’ inside profile ensures that the ring is comfortable to wear. The ‘flat’ outside profile is also perfect for different finishes such as an engraved line with satin one side and polished on the other – so you can create a ring in a style that’s totally unique to you.

The ‘D’ Profile

This ring has more of a curve to its outside profile, giving it a more classic and traditional look and feel. The inside of this timeless ring style is the ‘court’ profile, ensuring optimum comfort at all times. However, one thing to bear in mind with this style of profile is that it’s not as easy to set stones into because the curve of the ‘D’ means you’ll lose a lot of the metal in the middle.

Flat with rounded edges  

A twist on the Flat Court Profile, this is a modern and chic profile with a slight softness to it thanks to the rounded edges – we think it’s the perfect combination of classic and contemporary! As with all our rings, the ‘court’ inside profile means it will be a joy to wear, and you can also opt for a range of different finishes thanks to the flat outside profile.  

Flat with beveled edges

This is another variation on the Flat Court Profile – but this time its sharp bevelled edges give the ring a real current and contemporary feel. Perfect for trendsetters and traditionalists alike, this statement profile has a harder, more masculine finish, making it the perfect choice for male wedding rings. And of course, the inside ‘court’ profile ensures that the ring is as comfortable to wear as possible. 

That’s not all though…

There are so many more profiles available for you to choose from. However plain or intricate you want your ring to be, there is plenty of scope to design a ring that is the perfect match to your own personal taste and style – and if that wasn’t enough, you can even specify your own finishes!

If you’d like to find out more about how to create your own bespoke ring, or if you would like to have a peek at some of the other profiles available, talk to one of our expert goldsmiths today on 01256 355945 or email We look forward to talking to you and sharing the sparkle!